Welcome to our Independent Label home, "Where Your Talent Become Your Lifestyle, and we turn Indie into Major."

G.I.Records LLC is an affiliate label of Bongo Boy Records, our Asia & European Music & Video Distribution.

G.I. Records LLC and our sister company, RruffNekkTalentEnt has been instrumental in breaking artists into the music business, mainly from Major Distribution services, which is free, to our own in house booking service we do it all. 

StahrPassion is one of the first Female R&B Soul artist signed to the label. Out of Philly by of Detriot, Michigan.

-We provide and cater to Indie artist showing crazy talent by writing hit songs with potential to gain recognition from the majors, and any artist sign by us must show grace, patient, and a willingness to learn the industry and it's ever changing modes. Hit potential music and videos that are marketable, consumer viable will go a long way at the end for both the artist and the label providing the artist with major services for their music careers. We are in this business to make money, if we are not, then it is just a waste of our time and your time and time is money, plain and simple as that. 

We are an affiliate brand of No Limit Forever East, with the authority of Mr. Percy "Master P" Miller, Mr. Romeo Miller, Silk The Shocker, and Mr. Lenardo Myrick aka "Producer 9-0".

We provide major distribution using joint branding along with the artist own brand. We believe that your brand as an artist should be the pivotal point in your music career that must be made to stand out in the fore front with your music, presentation, look, confidence, poise and image which is everything in the music business to achieve wealth that will lead to your ultimate success. This brand, plus our brand will work in conjunction with your artist brand to get you to the very next level of your career. Hip Hop, Rap, R&B, Soul, Jazz, Country, Spoken Words, we are always accepting these submissions.

Welcome to our newly founded and created No Limit Forever Gospel Division. This division was made possible by Mr. Andrew-Drew Knibbs of G.I. Records LLC and Mr. Lenardo Myrick aka "Producer 9-0" of K.L.M Distribution. Thanks to Mr. Percy "Master P" Miller and Mr. Romeo Miller and Silk The Shocker. 

Created for all Gospel genre artists with the gift of voice.

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